Community Benefit

Providing a range of services and activities that promote health and healing in response to identified community needs is one of the responsibilities of a non-profit health system. These are known as community benefit and are provided at the health system’s expense.

In 2017, Henry Ford Allegiance Health invested $87,885,519 in community benefit programs and services.

One of the largest parts of community benefit is cost of care provided by Henry Ford Allegiance Health who have little or no health insurance. For-profit hospitals are not required to care for these patients, leaving the cost to be absorbed mainly by non-profit hospitals. It is estimated that each uninsured person costs non-profit hospitals $900 per year.

Free and low-cost services that meet community health needs are another component of community benefit. As a founding member of the Health Improvement Organization (HIO), Henry Ford Allegiance Health conducts a survey of community health needs every two years. The information gathered is used to develop community programs and services to meet the greatest needs.

Examples of programs and services Henry Ford Allegiance Health provides free to community members:

  • Health screenings and health fairs
  • Counseling and support to quit smoking
  • Grief counseling for adults, children and teens
  • Support and counseling for parents experiencing infant loss
  • Education and support for patients with diabetes, COPD and other chronic illnesses
  • Education and support for new parents
  • Transportation to hospital and physician visits
  • Meal delivery and nutrition education
  • Help with prescription costs, hearing aids, wheelchairs and other medical needs

Supporting Your Community

Making a gift to the Henry Ford Allegiance Health Foundation is an investment in the community in which you live and work. Support from local residents allows us to fund much-needed services that might otherwise go unsupported.

If you would like to make a gift, or have questions about doing so, please contact the Henry Ford Allegiance Health Foundation.

2017 Benefit Numbers